FMJBT Match 2 timmar sedan
Dude, get it in writing that your ticket has been purged.
White Turtle
White Turtle 2 timmar sedan
Get a dashcam that way u can get more evidence to use against the police officers
Scrub 2 timmar sedan
Ahahhahah, nice police car in the thumbnail
Sudhir Lakshmanan
Sudhir Lakshmanan 2 timmar sedan
thestradman was measuring and checking every step to do it with accuracy. and DDE is like just cut it. the value of the car makes me sweat.
Juan Blanco
Juan Blanco 3 timmar sedan
Do the corrvette
80sCats&GunsAddict 3 timmar sedan
When a "so-called" cop goes to every length to hide his face...red flag.
TheTcb777 3 timmar sedan
Holy shirt what a coward POS
Seven von Wowern
Seven von Wowern 3 timmar sedan
40 over and its impounded in Sweden ur driving license is gone
Kenneth Porst
Kenneth Porst 4 timmar sedan
BuLL Sh-+. Hey no one knows you got a illegal import if you only imported the drivetrain and swap it into something cool...example: R32 engine/trans in a 97 toyota Camry👍
John Chrysostomon
John Chrysostomon 4 timmar sedan
You always suck up to the cops and just give up all your rights and then you complain about them acting like pigs.
get bruhd
get bruhd 4 timmar sedan
Maybe check out that 570 next to her old gallardo, That would be sick
BJÖRNFEVER 4 timmar sedan
1) if these are happening “unlawfully” and you supposedly have footage, why don’t you ever include the footage in the video? 2) if you’re always in the right like you believe you are, then why would you always be getting pulled over? They’re not targeting you specifically because you’re Canadian, you’re obviously doing something wrong that you don’t realize
Hollie Mae Power-Sinnott
Hollie Mae Power-Sinnott 4 timmar sedan
Yes everything
Iwalt Swanepoel
Iwalt Swanepoel 4 timmar sedan
BJÖRNFEVER 4 timmar sedan
So I just watched this guy get offended at a cop for doing nothing wrong to this man, then go to complain, and completely bend the story. The cop was in the right.
Hollie Mae Power-Sinnott
Hollie Mae Power-Sinnott 4 timmar sedan
Steve Hatton
Steve Hatton 5 timmar sedan
when he asked what you do for work you should have replied none of your business !
Mike Luther
Mike Luther 5 timmar sedan
This cop is a disgrace to the badge. He was probably one of the guys that helped arrest that priest.…
Dan Jesson Scooby
Dan Jesson Scooby 5 timmar sedan
Aly Hashem
Aly Hashem 5 timmar sedan
I hope one day I could be like DDE so calm and collected when I get pulled over for no reason🤣🤣
Seth Munoz
Seth Munoz 5 timmar sedan
The way they act explains why they show up on a teal girls bike
Nicola Schmid
Nicola Schmid 5 timmar sedan
this music is just old. i'm sorry. i do not like it anymore
whiteandnerdytuba 5 timmar sedan
Video starts at 16:50
Leaveil Corris
Leaveil Corris 5 timmar sedan
The cop is just sad to see such a nice car that he cant probably afford...He was such an ass
Jorge Perez
Jorge Perez 5 timmar sedan
The cop is a dick. But that car owner seems like a smug prick.
whiteandnerdytuba 5 timmar sedan
Video starts at 06:05
Roy Bothasitse
Roy Bothasitse 5 timmar sedan
The Diablo is the best
NEKO! 5 timmar sedan
what was your name "yes"
Felix Chan
Felix Chan 5 timmar sedan
officer Kain strikes again. handing out VI's to completely stock cars.
David Kane
David Kane 6 timmar sedan
How rude and ignorant was that police officer
Kolesi Ikahihifo
Kolesi Ikahihifo 6 timmar sedan
What a pos
Gaynor Horsefield
Gaynor Horsefield 6 timmar sedan
Haha what a pair of TOSSERS they are. People are so jealous.
Excitable101 6 timmar sedan
damn, that system sounds just like my headphones.....good thing I have good ones...lol always 100 useless questions that have nothing to do with the traffic stop, surprised he didn't ask blood type.
Yangapop 6 timmar sedan
what a douch bag cop lmaooo
HAMZA JALIL 6 timmar sedan
This is why cops like this should be held accountable
Sump3d 320
Sump3d 320 6 timmar sedan
Where did you buy your r34
Northerners 6 timmar sedan
POS cop 🤔
HAMZA JALIL 7 timmar sedan
Lmao Idk if the guy who owns the Bugatti is right or wrong but he throws tantrums like a kid
Northerners 7 timmar sedan
Radar detectors didn't go off? 😮👍
Caleb Galek
Caleb Galek 7 timmar sedan
why dont you just walk away like him
Ron Skancke
Ron Skancke 7 timmar sedan
Times are getting tough when u cant find enough cops that speak decent English. Is this because of the defund police movement. Oh, so its Canada. Justine Trudeau land . Socialist workers paradise.
Tjd 7 timmar sedan
Hes tryn to get you to admit to racing back and forth caus he cant prove it
thunder gaming
thunder gaming 7 timmar sedan
R8 v10
Orion Anderson
Orion Anderson 7 timmar sedan
Eating donuts while doing donuts, total respect for that. Love how Ashley had her first time doing donuts. Thanks and appreciate the content. Look forward to more exotic car epicness
Vlad's Garage
Vlad's Garage 7 timmar sedan
instead of admiring, they hate
mrtimeless 7 timmar sedan
What was the first song
Matthew Nieken-Spence
Matthew Nieken-Spence 7 timmar sedan
Typical VPD scumbag cops! Uncle Ray is the best!
farzin shayegh
farzin shayegh 7 timmar sedan
That’s their f-cking trick to stealing a money from people legal✌🏻way
MENACE GARAGE 7 timmar sedan
U were targeted they wanted u D but what a doche bag
Todd Lindsay-dickson
Todd Lindsay-dickson 8 timmar sedan
What a terrible police officer
sapo7822 8 timmar sedan
why would you ID if it was for another day and he didnt see if it was you?
Jaiden Torrez
Jaiden Torrez 8 timmar sedan
Wide body
Wayne Martel
Wayne Martel 8 timmar sedan
Also where was their reflective wear they are required to wear during a roadside stop for their safety I think that may be a fine for them if this footage was to reach work safe bc, used to be a $157 fine for them, not sure if that still true but definitely something to check out.
Wayne Martel
Wayne Martel 8 timmar sedan
Where in BC was this
Butters 8 timmar sedan
You might want to brush up on your law knowledge. I like your content, but you don't understand how the law works here.
Mr3ek 8 timmar sedan
What’s the name of the song on 4:00 min
Troy Borysko
Troy Borysko 8 timmar sedan
What a bunch a clowns these cops are
Michael Patanella
Michael Patanella 8 timmar sedan
I would never call that cop to save my life if I was falling off the empire state building and he had a guaranteed way to save me. Mindless turd.
Mr_skiier 12
Mr_skiier 12 8 timmar sedan
360 please
Carl Griffith
Carl Griffith 8 timmar sedan
That cop was a total idiot. What an embrassment that moron is to law enforcement. Thank goodness he is in Canada, far away from people that would tie his feet and suspend him upside down from a bridge. You exhibited a lot of cool headness dealing with that jerk, congrats.
Robin V
Robin V 8 timmar sedan
MagnumExpress 8 timmar sedan
i think the more i watch these, i see whats happening. expensive car = rich owner = ticket paid. and people hardly fight things. they wont show up. police hardly show up. its a huge waste of time for everyone just so police can make their city some easy cash.
J.A.R. Family
J.A.R. Family 8 timmar sedan
This is absolutely staged.
Kirby Johnson
Kirby Johnson 8 timmar sedan
What the don't understand the test to be come a cop is if you cannot put the hamburger in the circle at McDonald's you now past the test to be come a cop!
Supra boy03
Supra boy03 9 timmar sedan
Whats the 1st songs name composer???
Kirby Johnson
Kirby Johnson 9 timmar sedan
They sure give your poor guy some shit.
Your Fan
Your Fan 9 timmar sedan
Never had a cop not tell me my speed. Every time I been pulled over they start by telling me my speed. When I had my car towed for 50 over the cop screamed at me for an hour. Had a lot more energy than this guy. It's hard to get out of a ticket if he used his radar gun.
Urban Science
Urban Science 9 timmar sedan
Why people believe Canadians 🍁 are nicer? It is just propaganda from 📺 TV for people who never spend a long time in far north.
Gornormity drummer
Gornormity drummer 9 timmar sedan
I think the cop was a literate all the information Is on your drivers license 🥴
Kyle Paul
Kyle Paul 9 timmar sedan
Damn we have the same birthday... That is cool :)
Donald Duston
Donald Duston 9 timmar sedan
bce1080 9 timmar sedan
VistaMoto 9 timmar sedan
For some reason I was hoping that the box setup also was purchasable through Sony 😭 it's so clean looking
MagnumExpress 9 timmar sedan
id like to see more of the follow up results at the end of this video. because that cop at the end, will never hear anything about this. he will continue to do his job, half assedly, and with that blase attitude that makes you want to slap him. there needs to be accountability, and they should be docked a weeks pay for every bogus ticket or arrest they make.
Dan SIVA 9 timmar sedan
What song at 21:04???
War Machine
War Machine 9 timmar sedan
Everyone knows this song is a bold assumption. I only listen to rock and metal. So no. I dont know that song
K B 10 timmar sedan
that cop was a coward!
Rob Williams
Rob Williams 10 timmar sedan
Please let us know what happened in court???
Michael Stroud
Michael Stroud 10 timmar sedan
Diablo for sure